13. When You Start Talking About Race White People Go Crazy

In this episode we welcome activist, organizer, researcher and Ph.D. candidate Karine Coen-Sanchez to blow our minds with her anti-racist truth bombs. Think we missed Black History Month? As Karine says, “I don’t stop being Black in March.” Topics: White supremacy in education, Black scholarship and innovation, polite racism in Canada (and beyond), and de-personalizing the conversation so we can work together for justice. Concepts we explore include racialization, academic freedom of BIPOC people, white people’s discomfort, accountability for impact, and disrupting the mode of production through anti-racist outcry. It’s a serious conversation, with our proprietary blend of swear-words. A new “Letters from Listeners” sparks a conversation about post-colonialism and the way our culture reinforces life-threatening eating disorders. Rosalie is on tenterhooks as Phyllis is all, #FreeBrittney. We end with four recommendations: 1) do meditation and 2-4) rate/review/share our podcast!

This amazing portrait was published by UOttawa Gazette

2 thoughts on “13. When You Start Talking About Race White People Go Crazy

  1. The way the relationship between black and white was discussed in this interview is an enlightenment and we should have more discussions like so


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