16. Bilabial Plosives & Embodied Rhetoric

This might be the best one yet (do we say that every time?) Rhetorician and friend of the podcast Maggie M. Werner joins us to talk about her brilliant book, Stripped: Reading the Erotic Body. Maggie blows our minds talking about embodied knowledge and the importance of sometimes shutting the F- up and listening. SheContinue reading “16. Bilabial Plosives & Embodied Rhetoric”

14. Sex Robots are the New Awesome

On this episode we welcome Devon Powers, Temple University Professor of Advertising and author of Writing the Record: The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism and On Trend: The Business of Forecasting the Future. Together we explore the moral, economic and political dynamics inherent in futurism, with a few digressions to consider interiorContinue reading “14. Sex Robots are the New Awesome”

13. When You Start Talking About Race White People Go Crazy

In this episode we welcome activist, organizer, researcher and Ph.D. candidate Karine Coen-Sanchez to blow our minds with her anti-racist truth bombs. Think we missed Black History Month? As Karine says, “I don’t stop being Black in March.” Topics: White supremacy in education, Black scholarship and innovation, polite racism in Canada (and beyond), and de-personalizingContinue reading “13. When You Start Talking About Race White People Go Crazy”

12. Keep the wahoos away from my hoo-ha

In this episode we share our journeys towards radical self-acceptance and denounce anti-fat bias and its connection to racism, ableism and neoliberalism…to name a few. Fat shaming is bad! But don’t worry, we still think it’s ok to poke fun at yourself and others. Like Australia’s Judith Lucy, we are overwhelmed, dying, and VERY INTERESTING.Continue reading “12. Keep the wahoos away from my hoo-ha”