16. Bilabial Plosives & Embodied Rhetoric

This might be the best one yet (do we say that every time?) Rhetorician and friend of the podcast Maggie M. Werner joins us to talk about her brilliant book, Stripped: Reading the Erotic Body. Maggie blows our minds talking about embodied knowledge and the importance of sometimes shutting the F- up and listening. She also enlightens us about Canadian tuxedos (denim vest, jeans, white tee) and explains to us about bilabial plosives which is not what you think it is. In our latest script development session, Maggie and Phyllis imagine Temptation Island for Academics, which is like the original but without sexy people. Then, we reminisce about Midwestern homophobia in the 90’s and that time Phyllis made everyone gay. For a genuine taste of Macomb life, check out the Heritage Days 2021 poster on our website. Community Strong Abraham Lincoln says: We can DO IT.

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