11. Sisters Just Want to Have Fun

…aaaaand, we’re back! Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 of The Rippey Sisters Podcast. What happened to episode 1? We’ll never tell! This week we interview a very special guest and talk about the importance of fun to living a good life, even (especially?) in dark times. To celebrate the launch of season 2 weContinue reading “11. Sisters Just Want to Have Fun”

10. It’s Called a P-Trap

Is Politics giving you “the mentals?” If so, have we got an episode for you! This week we talk to our superlative aunt and uncle about their experience overcoming despair and keeping their hands busy by SAVING OUR DEMOCRACY. Patrick and Christine Farley share their tips for maintaining personal balance while tipping the balance ofContinue reading “10. It’s Called a P-Trap”

9. Quadmester Butt Fumble

We FINALLY give appropriate attention to the white male demographic as we invite Podcast Editor and Professional 11th Grader Jack Rippeyoung to share a ground-level view of schooling during COVID-19. In-person school scores a “thumbs up” because only dumb nerds are good at asynchronous learning, and we debate Jack’s puzzling resentment against the world’s leadingContinue reading “9. Quadmester Butt Fumble”

8. I think women invented dild*s.

We talk a lot about boobs in this episode, folks, but maybe we don’t talk enough about boobs? We welcome our amazing guest, Katrina B. Olds, who teaches us about the fascinating and weird world of Medieval Christian history. As we explore self-doubt, d*ck-waving, and career, we ask, was Teresa of Avila canonized because sheContinue reading “8. I think women invented dild*s.”