10. It’s Called a P-Trap

Is Politics giving you “the mentals?” If so, have we got an episode for you! This week we talk to our superlative aunt and uncle about their experience overcoming despair and keeping their hands busy by SAVING OUR DEMOCRACY. Patrick and Christine Farley share their tips for maintaining personal balance while tipping the balance of power at the local, state and national levels. Or, as Christine puts it, getting out the vote to stop the diseased madman in the white house who is instigating militias to kidnap democratic governors. During Kristine’s Korner, Christine “reports out” on lessons learned through (toilet) transparency within the field of poop research — yielding our announcement of a new, “Crystal Throne Award” for excellence in poop-related storytelling. (Send us your submissions!)  Other topics: Mike Pence is Beelzebub / Pencefly is an act of God, vote BEFORE having surgery, plantains plantains plantains, and jigsaw puzzles are still for nerds.

This trophy could be yours if you send us an email at YouAreBothPretty@TheRippeySisters.com

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