11. Sisters Just Want to Have Fun

Rippey sisters, wearing novelty sunglases, photoshopped into a red VW bug convertible with musical notes trailing behind them. They look like they're flying through the sky and below them are the Thunder Down Under. The caption says Sisters Just Want to Have Fun

…aaaaand, we’re back! Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 of The Rippey Sisters Podcast. What happened to episode 1? We’ll never tell! This week we interview a very special guest and talk about the importance of fun to living a good life, even (especially?) in dark times. To celebrate the launch of season 2 we created a Spotify playlist of songs that make us happy! Other topics: Pom-poms, glitter and snow are fun. Things that are not a thing: 3-breasted women (unfortunately), thought leaders, giving 110%, and everyone always being above average. This is also the episode when we ask who rolled like the thunder from down under, under the covers? Speaking of stinky, our dad’s taste in tv and movies. in fairness, haven’t we all pulled a boner at one time or another? Shout out to Tamyra and Justin, we know they’re listening.

Show Links:

Screen Cap: Goldstar Subscriber Poll: In Mid-November, we asked Goldstar subscribers how likely they'd be to take the Coronavirus vaccine when made available.  As soon as it is approved: 41%

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