7. Zoom Boobs

This episode is going out a few days after our country lost one of our greatest feminist social justice heroes, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It’s hard to be funny about how f*cked we all are but we are incredibly grateful for her voice, her persistence, her hard work and bad-@ssery. We didn’t talk about her in this episode because her death hadn’t happened yet, but there’s just no way we can post this episode without expressing our gratitude to her for fighting these fights. Somewhere in the Talmud it says, “We are not expected to complete the task. Neither are we permitted to lay it down.” Thank you, Notorious R.B.G. for refusing to lay it down until you took your last breath. We miss you.  What this episode IS ACTUALLY about is what it takes to foster dialogue in a divided world – and how to build spaces where dialogue is possible across difference. Our special guest, Parisa Parsa, shows us that it is, in fact, possible – illuminating the magic that can occur when done right. This episode is also about Zoom boobs and toilet paper on your shoe, and for some reason, we have a lot to say about chairs. Keep the faith and keep cracking yourselves up, sisters. 

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