6. My Brain is a Superspreader

In this exciting episode, we savor our first “Letter from Listeners,” which asks whether Scotland is wrong or math is hard (if we understood the question correctly).The MWRA’s Biobot program inspires us to ponder the traces we leave from our behind; and we recount the harrowing, catastrophically boring experience we survived as children abandoned at the Plainfield fabric store. We endorse the decision of a certain Swedish furniture retailer to keep their play-space/COVID breeding-ground closed, but question whether Kellyanne Conway has access to Google. In “water is wet” news, cults are bad and Trump lacks object permanence. Rosalie apologizes for mis-identifying Wilma Deering as a character on Battlestar Gallactica when OBVIOUSLY she was a character on Buck Rogers, and we are very sorry that we keep forgetting to credit our new audio engineer, Jack Rippeyoung. Seriously, Jack, you’re the best. Never forget, friends: it all comes out in the end. 

Show Links:

(Artist’s Rendering)

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