8. I think women invented dild*s.

We talk a lot about boobs in this episode, folks, but maybe we don’t talk enough about boobs? We welcome our amazing guest, Katrina B. Olds, who teaches us about the fascinating and weird world of Medieval Christian history. As we explore self-doubt, d*ck-waving, and career, we ask, was Teresa of Avila canonized because she didn’t “do gender?” Katrina illuminates the multivocal, maze-like nature of history and we summarize the book of Ecclesiastes as, “same sh*t, different day.” Underscoring the importance of challenging blindness wherever we find it, we conclude that there have been dumbf#cks and dipsh*ts in all times and all places. On a more serious note, we express the biggest What the F#ck? ever, sharing our deep sadness and abundant gratitude for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who fought really F#cking hard to unapologetically assert the value of women. As we raise a middle finger to Congressional Republicans, we pledge to keep on fighting.

Women in academia

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