6. My Brain is a Superspreader

In this exciting episode, we savor our first “Letter from Listeners,” which asks whether Scotland is wrong or math is hard (if we understood the question correctly).The MWRA’s Biobot program inspires us to ponder the traces we leave from our behind; and we recount the harrowing, catastrophically boring experience we survived as children abandoned atContinue reading “6. My Brain is a Superspreader”

5. Please Do Hide Your Bushel

Today we discuss the difference between “political” and “basic human decency” (Hint: it depends on whether you’re being an a-hole). When it comes to employment, it’s all who you know, and then over here you have racism / the hopeless escalator from privilege to privilege. We recall ye internet of olde, with its blood-dripping anti-abortionContinue reading “5. Please Do Hide Your Bushel”

4. He looked-ed like a throw up

Everything is terrible so we better take care of ourselves, but good news ladies, that will make you LESS cranky (we hope). We ask if avocado toast, ethics, psychology or bubble baths help white women figure out the difference between being the center of our own universe vs. the center of THE universe; learn theContinue reading “4. He looked-ed like a throw up”

3. Kamala Harris: GILOSTFU

Today’s topics: KAMALA HARRIS is a master of the social competencies of our gender. She is everything and we are on the cusp of Gilead so get in line or STFU. Crystal Gayle is a totally different person than Judy Collins but acknowledging mistakes but then telling you why we’re actually still right is theContinue reading “3. Kamala Harris: GILOSTFU”

2. We always had fleas

Today’s Topics: Gender and working from home, when your 3-year-old says f*ck a lot, where does our maternal bond come from and is it going to be the death us, new haircut looks less like a mullet, history behind our sense of urgency, the sound of our childhood was *c’mon girls! erh-erh-erh,* proper pronunciation ofContinue reading “2. We always had fleas”