3. Kamala Harris: GILOSTFU

Today’s topics: KAMALA HARRIS is a master of the social competencies of our gender. She is everything and we are on the cusp of Gilead so get in line or STFU. Crystal Gayle is a totally different person than Judy Collins but acknowledging mistakes but then telling you why we’re actually still right is the Rippey way. Phyllis hadn’t read the whole plan for Ontario schools and it seems like Ottawa may be trying… but everything is still actually terrible. Our executive producer pointed out there is at least one F word we won’t be saying so we have changed our tagline… Speaking of what not to say, how about using less ableist language? In WTF news, Massachusetts State Troopers “lose” the evidence against them, don’t tell our Canadian listeners but white people sports are going to give us all COVID, Donald Trump is a floater, and how is it that our littlest one is turning FOUR!?!?!? Rosalie puts in a plug for Nancy’s Nook and we make a plea for letters, guests, and WTFs from our abundant listeners.

Show Links:

Very different people but which one was Phyllis talking about… the world may never know.

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