4. He looked-ed like a throw up

Everything is terrible so we better take care of ourselves, but good news ladies, that will make you LESS cranky (we hope). We ask if avocado toast, ethics, psychology or bubble baths help white women figure out the difference between being the center of our own universe vs. the center of THE universe; learn the difference between ontology and episiotomy; become patriotic about chairs and discover the healing power of the phrase, “you can’t make me.” We work through some demons in our long-awaited, hotly anticipated exploration of poop and farts (see our important update to the Bristol Stool Chart on our show page); and ask which is scarier, dangling out of a hot air balloon or getting a concussion by falling on your butt? In Shameless Promotion, we recommend our own podcast. If there’s one thing that I think we all can agree on, it’s that we’re both pretty.

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Bristol Stool Chart edited to look like Tr*mp is a piece of poop, at varying consistency.

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