6. My Brain is a Superspreader

In this exciting episode, we savor our first “Letter from Listeners,” which asks whether Scotland is wrong or math is hard (if we understood the question correctly).The MWRA’s Biobot program inspires us to ponder the traces we leave from our behind; and we recount the harrowing, catastrophically boring experience we survived as children abandoned at the Plainfield fabric store. We endorse the decision of a certain Swedish furniture retailer to keep their play-space/COVID breeding-ground closed, but question whether Kellyanne Conway has access to Google. In “water is wet” news, cults are bad and Trump lacks object permanence. Rosalie apologizes for mis-identifying Wilma Deering as a character on Battlestar Gallactica when OBVIOUSLY she was a character on Buck Rogers, and we are very sorry that we keep forgetting to credit our new audio engineer, Jack Rippeyoung. Seriously, Jack, you’re the best. Never forget, friends: it all comes out in the end. 

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(Artist’s Rendering)

5. Please Do Hide Your Bushel

Today we discuss the difference between “political” and “basic human decency” (Hint: it depends on whether you’re being an a-hole). When it comes to employment, it’s all who you know, and then over here you have racism / the hopeless escalator from privilege to privilege. We recall ye internet of olde, with its blood-dripping anti-abortion geocities cites and its clipart- laden Erin Gray tripod fan sites, and ponder the mystery of what has happened to fashion in Republicanism. Ahh, the 80’s, an era when more was better – whether wealth, power, or white women’s perms. Turns out that none of us knows sh*t but all of us together knows something, and beaver tails continue to be funny. Pre-emptive corrections/errata: a photo of Kim Gordon vs. Dr. Kelly Gordon has been posted on our show page (apologies to Kelly for the memory lapse but in fairness, both of you kick @ss) Bad news: the U.S. voting system has become way too complicated and Canada’s idea of curb appeal makes me wish I was in Bird Box. The good news: voter mobilization, early childhood education and babies named Phyllis give us life. Please do hide your bushel, but also send us mail at wearebothpretty@therippeysisters.com

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PS We do not fact check our opinions and make tons of mistakes, although we hate admitting when we’re wrong… please check in with Professor Dr. Google before making any decisions or placing any bets based on something we’ve said.

Photo comparison of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Dr. Kelly Gordon from McGill University
In fairness, we are fans of both of these women

4. He looked-ed like a throw up

Everything is terrible so we better take care of ourselves, but good news ladies, that will make you LESS cranky (we hope). We ask if avocado toast, ethics, psychology or bubble baths help white women figure out the difference between being the center of our own universe vs. the center of THE universe; learn the difference between ontology and episiotomy; become patriotic about chairs and discover the healing power of the phrase, “you can’t make me.” We work through some demons in our long-awaited, hotly anticipated exploration of poop and farts (see our important update to the Bristol Stool Chart on our show page); and ask which is scarier, dangling out of a hot air balloon or getting a concussion by falling on your butt? In Shameless Promotion, we recommend our own podcast. If there’s one thing that I think we all can agree on, it’s that we’re both pretty.

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Bristol Stool Chart edited to look like Tr*mp is a piece of poop, at varying consistency.

3. Kamala Harris: GILOSTFU

Today’s topics: KAMALA HARRIS is a master of the social competencies of our gender. She is everything and we are on the cusp of Gilead so get in line or STFU. Crystal Gayle is a totally different person than Judy Collins but acknowledging mistakes but then telling you why we’re actually still right is the Rippey way. Phyllis hadn’t read the whole plan for Ontario schools and it seems like Ottawa may be trying… but everything is still actually terrible. Our executive producer pointed out there is at least one F word we won’t be saying so we have changed our tagline… Speaking of what not to say, how about using less ableist language? In WTF news, Massachusetts State Troopers “lose” the evidence against them, don’t tell our Canadian listeners but white people sports are going to give us all COVID, Donald Trump is a floater, and how is it that our littlest one is turning FOUR!?!?!? Rosalie puts in a plug for Nancy’s Nook and we make a plea for letters, guests, and WTFs from our abundant listeners.

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Very different people but which one was Phyllis talking about… the world may never know.

2. We always had fleas

Today’s Topics: Gender and working from home, when your 3-year-old says f*ck a lot, where does our maternal bond come from and is it going to be the death us, new haircut looks less like a mullet, history behind our sense of urgency, the sound of our childhood was *c’mon girls! erh-erh-erh,* proper pronunciation of the word “toilet,” generational and cultural differences in bullshit detection, we always had fleas, getting parents the information they need about safe infant feeding, babies are cute, deregulation of the puzzle industry was a big mistake, online notarization is very sexy, parent disability activism, did you know that Phyllis wrote a book?, there are so many good cell phone games.

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Phyllis’s hair looks less like a mullet