11. Sisters Just Want to Have Fun

Rippey sisters, wearing novelty sunglases, photoshopped into a red VW bug convertible with musical notes trailing behind them. They look like they're flying through the sky and below them are the Thunder Down Under. The caption says Sisters Just Want to Have Fun

…aaaaand, we’re back! Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 of The Rippey Sisters Podcast. What happened to episode 1? We’ll never tell! This week we interview a very special guest and talk about the importance of fun to living a good life, even (especially?) in dark times. To celebrate the launch of season 2 we created a Spotify playlist of songs that make us happy! Other topics: Pom-poms, glitter and snow are fun. Things that are not a thing: 3-breasted women (unfortunately), thought leaders, giving 110%, and everyone always being above average. This is also the episode when we ask who rolled like the thunder from down under, under the covers? Speaking of stinky, our dad’s taste in tv and movies. in fairness, haven’t we all pulled a boner at one time or another? Shout out to Tamyra and Justin, we know they’re listening.

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10. It’s Called a P-Trap

Is Politics giving you “the mentals?” If so, have we got an episode for you! This week we talk to our superlative aunt and uncle about their experience overcoming despair and keeping their hands busy by SAVING OUR DEMOCRACY. Patrick and Christine Farley share their tips for maintaining personal balance while tipping the balance of power at the local, state and national levels. Or, as Christine puts it, getting out the vote to stop the diseased madman in the white house who is instigating militias to kidnap democratic governors. During Kristine’s Korner, Christine “reports out” on lessons learned through (toilet) transparency within the field of poop research — yielding our announcement of a new, “Crystal Throne Award” for excellence in poop-related storytelling. (Send us your submissions!)  Other topics: Mike Pence is Beelzebub / Pencefly is an act of God, vote BEFORE having surgery, plantains plantains plantains, and jigsaw puzzles are still for nerds.

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9. Quadmester Butt Fumble

We FINALLY give appropriate attention to the white male demographic as we invite Podcast Editor and Professional 11th Grader Jack Rippeyoung to share a ground-level view of schooling during COVID-19. In-person school scores a “thumbs up” because only dumb nerds are good at asynchronous learning, and we debate Jack’s puzzling resentment against the world’s leading teenaged climate activist for a lot longer than you might expect. A Letter from Listener inaugurates a new segment: STUPID STATS WATCH! Turns out, the statistical methods of Broadway’s leading e-newsletter are rivaled only by those of the Love Island App. Speaking of statistics, if you don’t eat 6 lbs of chocolate a day you are dumb and this episode contains 143% more sports references than ever before. Cam Newton has the best football player name, but also COVID, and if we’ve learned ONE thing, it’s that you gotta pick up the dead rats.

8. I think women invented dild*s.

We talk a lot about boobs in this episode, folks, but maybe we don’t talk enough about boobs? We welcome our amazing guest, Katrina B. Olds, who teaches us about the fascinating and weird world of Medieval Christian history. As we explore self-doubt, d*ck-waving, and career, we ask, was Teresa of Avila canonized because she didn’t “do gender?” Katrina illuminates the multivocal, maze-like nature of history and we summarize the book of Ecclesiastes as, “same sh*t, different day.” Underscoring the importance of challenging blindness wherever we find it, we conclude that there have been dumbf#cks and dipsh*ts in all times and all places. On a more serious note, we express the biggest What the F#ck? ever, sharing our deep sadness and abundant gratitude for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who fought really F#cking hard to unapologetically assert the value of women. As we raise a middle finger to Congressional Republicans, we pledge to keep on fighting.

Women in academia

7. Zoom Boobs

This episode is going out a few days after our country lost one of our greatest feminist social justice heroes, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It’s hard to be funny about how f*cked we all are but we are incredibly grateful for her voice, her persistence, her hard work and bad-@ssery. We didn’t talk about her in this episode because her death hadn’t happened yet, but there’s just no way we can post this episode without expressing our gratitude to her for fighting these fights. Somewhere in the Talmud it says, “We are not expected to complete the task. Neither are we permitted to lay it down.” Thank you, Notorious R.B.G. for refusing to lay it down until you took your last breath. We miss you.  What this episode IS ACTUALLY about is what it takes to foster dialogue in a divided world – and how to build spaces where dialogue is possible across difference. Our special guest, Parisa Parsa, shows us that it is, in fact, possible – illuminating the magic that can occur when done right. This episode is also about Zoom boobs and toilet paper on your shoe, and for some reason, we have a lot to say about chairs. Keep the faith and keep cracking yourselves up, sisters.